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ATM Applications QA

ATMirage, speeds up self-service application tests.


ATMirage is a self-service machine simulator which speeds up and automates self-service application tests, while generating test reports including performed steps, displayed screens, printed receipts, etc.


ATMirage can be used with any application that uses standards (CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak). In the case of using any other access method (e.g. proprietary DLLs), Cashware provides the necessary documentation and services to adapt your device access layer to our simulator.

This tool is aimed both at end clients who need to certify their applications, as well as at any company that develops self-service applications or performs their quality control.


It can run batteries of tests that have been previously defined (through the recording of macros) and generate reports on their results.


Because the ATMirage user can define as many self-service models as required, it can be used for all types of applications and machines:

  • Characteristics
  • Devices
  • Benefits of ATMirage vs Competitors
  • It allows the application to be run with no need of hardware.
  • The self-service models can be customized, creating as many as needed, hence the application can be tested using the same configuration as the real models.
  • Independent of the operating system on which the application is run.
  • Adapts to any device standard (CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak) or to proprietary solutions.
  • Complete EMV Level 2 simulation, using either the simulator already incorporated into ATMirage, or connecting to third party simulators.
  • Precise simulation, allowing for definition of different behaviours of each device.
  • Test automation through the recording of macros and definition of batteries of tests.
  • Generation of reports in different formats (pdf, html, xls).
  • Connection with external test tools (such as HP Quality Center) through the ATMirage External Controller interface.
  • Possibility of adding new device simulators.
  • Card readers (magnetic stripe and chip)
  • PinPad (including RKL with signatures and certificates)
  • Printers (Journal, Receipt, Passbook, Documents)
  • Cash dispensers
  • Coin dispensers
  • Recyclers
  • Deposits in envelopes
  • Cash acceptors
  • Coin acceptors
  • Cheque acceptors
  • Cash and cheque acceptors
  • Barcode readers
  • Sensors and Indicators
  • Operator panel
  • Biometrics (Palm and Fingerprint Reader)
  • Alarms
  • Multi Standard (CEN/XFS, J/XFS, Xpeak)
  • Visual ATM Model Designer.
  • Source code can be bought.
  • Possibility of adding new device simulators without Cashware’s intervention.
  • Remote key loading with signatures and certificates.
  • Simulates at device level and not protocol level, like some simulators NDC, NDC+ or Diebold 91X.
  • Allows simulation of all devices or to select which are to be simulated and which to be run in real.
  • Allows control from external tools, using the External Controller.
  • Third party EMV simulators can be used.
  • Cashware is an independent Software company.

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