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About Us

For over more than 20 years, we have consolidated our position as a leading independent software company providing solutions to any problem or need for financial device connectivity.

We offer ad-hoc drivers or drivers compatible with any of the three main standards in this field: XFS, J/XFS and Xpeak.

Our activity started out at the beginning of the 90s, working especially on developing applications for ATMS and connectivity solutions for banking peripherals, including their integration with different systems and platforms for financial institutions.

We currently have a wide offer of products oriented at providing connectivity solutions for financial devices.

Our connectivity solutions allow the integration of any type of hardware, covering a wide range of devices of any vendor and model: financial printers, cash recyclers, document scanners, fingerprint readers, signature tablets, chip readers, etc.

Regarding ATMs, we have developed both “multi-vendor” applications (using XFS and J/XFS), as well as numerous development environments (always as an independent company from the hardware manufacturers). We have a product for the global simulation of self-service machines with automated testing (ATMirage) and a solution for virtualising ATM applications (v-cash).

We are a member of the workshops on the J/XFS standard organised by the European Committee for Standardisation and of the Xpeak forum.

R+D: we are continuously researching. Our development team works on new solutions and products adapted to market requirements and ongoing technological progress.


In 2010 Cashware and Aurigae joined paths and now work as a group, extending their offering to customers and providing even more complete solutions.

Aurigae is a company with a track record of more than 20 years in Information Technology. It provides transactional solutions in the banking, industrial and telecommunications markets with a high level of specialisation in payment media and mobility.

It offers products and services in the following areas of activity:

- Functional tests and volume tests of transactional applications (payment media).

- Developments for mobile devices.

Aurigae also responds to the demand for turnkey developments and integration of specialised human resources in multi-company projects. It is a flexible organisation, with the capacity to react rapidly to the requirements put forward, combining innovation and experience.

It has a Quality Management System in place based on standard ISO 9001:2008, certified by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid.