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v-cash, multi-vendor ATM virtualisation .


v-cash makes it possible to virtualise ATM applications, assuming that these use CEN/XFS or J/XFS as the standard for access to devices.

Although the current implementation has been developed under Citrix using the ICA channel for server-client communication, v-cash can be adapted to any other virtualisation solution.


v-cash does not require any modification to the ATM’s current application and makes it possible to virtualise any model of device, irrespective of its connection (RS232, USB, LAN, etc.) and of the vendor that provides the drivers (NCR, Diebold, WIncor, Fujitsu, …). Nor does it require modifying the drivers (CEN/XFS Service Providers or J/XFS Device Services).

v-cash allows users to customise the actions and the look & feel of the application when connectivity between the client and the server is lost.

v-cash is a product that has been developed and is marketed together with our technology partner Serban.


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