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plug &cash, Integrating recyclers and dispensers easily.


Solution for handling cash devices (Recyclers and Dispensers). Allows for easy, transparent and fast integration of any cash device in our clients’ Bank Branch Application (Financial Terminal).

By fully adapting to the appearance of the client’s application, it frees the developers of the complex task of handling these devices, in a way that is transparent for the user.

  • Benefits
  • plug&cash integration with the Bank Office Application
  • plug&cash functions
  • Compatible with any financial device manufacturer by using the most widespread connectivity standards: J/XFS, XPEAK.
  • Independent of the language used by the application and of the operating system.
  • 100% adaptable to clients’ requirements, in terms of graphical interface as well as functionality.
  • Automatic generation of the statistics required by the banking authorities (e.g. Bank of Spain).
  • Banknote handling in compliance with the banknote recycling regulations in the Euro zone.

Carried out through calls to a simple interface (DLL or Java class, according to the platform used).

These calls allow for transparent operation with the recyclers or dispensers and to isolate the Application from all the complexity of cash devices and their accounting.

  • DLL for Windows: Visual Basic, C/C++, NatStar, etc.
  • Java class: Java applications, independent of the operating sytem.
  • Cash: provide a simple access route to the cash device from the terminal’s application, allowing simple operations to be carried out such as:
    • - Withdrawals
    • - Deposits
    • - Alarm activation or deactivation
    • - Alarm status check
  • Maintenance: provides a set of functions that allow:
    • - Configuration of the device as well as the workstation and the application
    • - Consultation of totals and accounting matching for the workstation
    • - Electronic journal enquiries
    • - Control of loading and unloading
    • - Start and end of day
    • - Emptying
    • - Statistical details

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