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Xpeaker, the flexible connectivity architecture.


XPEAKer is an open source solution based on the Xpeak standard for standardising the connectivity of devices through XML exchange. It speeds up the development of applications and services for devices (recyclers, printers, signature tablets, scanners, etc.) based on Xpeak.

XPEAKer is independent from the operating system (fully developed in Java) and from the hardware manufacturers (Xpeak Services for all vendors and models devices).


It provides a set of tools integrated in a single Eclipse plugin for: development, testing, software updates, editing forms, configuring services, simulating devices, etc.

  • Characteristics
  • Components
  • License
  • Standardises access to the devices (Vendor Independent)
  • Independent of the operating system.
  • Shares devices between different workstations.
  • Separates the presentation from the access to the devices.
  • Facilitates the phases of platform migration (shares devices between different applications of the same workstation).


  • Independent of the programming language used by the application.
  • Faster evolution, allowing versioning of just one command and not the complete standard.
  • Can include the definition of a new device without affecting the rest of the specifications.
  • Possibility of remote connection (from Applications Server) via XML.
  • Allows working with centralised applications with products such as Citrix XSE, VMWare Vi3, Microsoft VS, etc.
  • Not exclusively focused on financial devices.
  • Communication with XPEAK services can be extended to all types of standards (Web Services, SOAP, etc.).
  • There are already devices on the market allowing an Xpeak device server to be run integrated in their firmware.

XPEAKer IDE: Eclipse plugin with test functions, configuration, code sharing, print forms editing, traces, deployment and upgrading of software.

XPEAKer Services: Set of device drivers following the XPEAK standard. As part of the Open Source solution device simulators based on Xpeak are offered.

Xpeaking: Middleware for developing XPEAK applications quickly and easily. Available in Java, .NET. and Java Script.

XPEAKer is marketed with two license levels:

Public License: Clients not requiring the device services developed by Cashware, and product maintenance and support, can use the XPEAKer Free solution totally free of charge. The terms and conditions for use of the XPEAKer product are governed by the XPEAKer public licence.

XPEAKer EC Commercial License: For clients wishing to use the Pro version, and to have access to downloading and using certain device services. To learn about the conditions of this license or clarify any doubts: salesdept@cashware.biz

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